Wednesday, April 9, 2008

When to use different types of punctuation

Writing in essence is about punctuation. Today, we though we would provide a list of when to use different types of punctuation. Enjoy.

Commas: If we are going to get something wrong, it is usually the comma. When you're writing down a thought and you want to take a breath, put it in. In many cases you need two, as comma's can be used to make a sentance within a sentance.

Semi-colon: Semi-colons can be used to highlight a point, or to detail a slightly different topic, without the need for a new sentance. Be careful not to over use semi-colons as they can create confusion.

Colon: Use when you want to make an example of something: For example, just like this.

The above three points, will hopefully get you on the right track. In our next article we will detail some more common punctuations.

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